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Could you assist me in trouble shooting.??? (1 переглядає) (1) Гість
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ТЕМА: Could you assist me in trouble shooting.???
spadekevin (Користувач)
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Could you assist me in trouble shooting.??? 3 міс. назад  

I've got a weird one here, cant find the cause hoping you can help.

My qnap device slows down the internet like crazy, to diagnose this its simple, when internet slows down to like 1mb speed I simply either power down my qnap or unplug my Ethernet cable and the speed shoots up like it is normally. Start up the qnap or plug in the cable and boom im back to a slow line.

Because I did not expect this kind of behavior from my Qnap device i contacted my ISP, service provider and even installed a new line, eventually i found the trouble maker, sad to know its the Qnap device. However I got no idea why this happens, i do have cloud back enabled but the internet connection slows down with or without backup active.

I seems to feel it could be external devices pinging my device IP or cloud link url? Something def is not right, I did a firmware update and it still exists, please could you assist me in trouble shooting.
Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you.
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