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TTD - Like Climate JAZZ Music Playlist (1 переглядає) (1) Гість
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ТЕМА: TTD - Like Climate JAZZ Music Playlist
depprussell (Користувач)
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TTD - Like Climate JAZZ Music Playlist 8 міс., 1 нед. назад  

I'm making a list of all JAZZ music that matches the COOL TTD Climate, so it can be added to a winamp playlist and played while playing OpenTTD (cause i got bored of original TTD music and it's driving me crazy. But so far i find this job EXTREMELY hard, as i have already acquired and checked several albums of JAZZ, and i have found only 3 songs that would match. So maybe somebody of you who has interest in JAZZ could help me find more. The ones i found already are listed below :
Album : Bug Music
Author : Don Byron
Year : 1996
Songs :
- Frasquita Serenade
- St. Louis Blues
- Royal Garden Blues
Please make next entries in this fashion i used above, so we will avoid making mess in this topic. Egz. :
[comments and OffTops]
Album :
Author :
Year :
Songs :
[song list]
[comments and OffTops]
So are there any JAZZ experts here, huh ?

Please help

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Thank you
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Останнє редагування: 20.06.2018 06:51 Редагував depprussell.
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