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Default style & settings for inserted picture (1 переглядає) (1) Гість
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ТЕМА: Default style & settings for inserted picture
spadekevin (Користувач)
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Default style & settings for inserted picture 4 міс., 4 нед. назад  

I want to insert images into my document. When I choose insert->picture->from file, the picture gets inserted into all manner of weird places in my document, and are anchored to the page. I went to the "graphics" frame default style, and looked for appropriate options such as changing to "anchor to paragraph". These were not to be found.How can I ensure that when I insert a new picture from a file, that it will appear wherever my cursor is? I grow weary of tracking down images on page 30 (when they should have been on page 50), then changing them to paragraph anchor, and then trying to insert them without them ending up in a footer or whatnot. I just want the image where my cursor is when I choose "insert".Any help for a poor frustrated soul who really wants to use OpenOffice?This is version 2.3. I've done documents in 2.1 using a similar technique and had no problems. In fact, problems like this are why I wanted to leave Word in the first place, but now this is exactly Word-like behaviour. In the bad way.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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