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Library issues? (1 переглядає) (1) Гість
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ТЕМА: Library issues?
jackneeson (Користувач)
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Library issues? 2 міс., 3 нед. назад  

Mk1 OO newbie and I have, no doubt, jumped in at the deep end without a lifejacket:I have a 'suite' of Excel modules that run happily on an Excel sheet for a local charity, and I wish to OO them to serve users who cannot 'afford' MS OFFICE.As a 'starter' intro into OO macros I have tried a worksheet_change macro written into a sheet. I am reasonably happy I can crack the code translation from MS to OO.Honest, I have Googled for hours but cannot find what I am doing wrong with the 'libraries'. When I look at the 'Basic Macros' panel I have a choice of 'My Macros' or the named sheet, and I am unsure of where to place the macro and which module/s to create. When I try to run the macro in the iDE the named sheet option is not there in the 'Macro Selector' panel.Running the macro from the normal window produces a variety of errors.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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