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Sadyba Hotel

Private Sadyba Hotel, built in 2007, is located in a reserved area in the suburbs of Kamyanets-Podilskyi, overlooking the canyon of the Smotrich River. The Hotel has 6 rooms of different categories. Each room has cosy furniture, TV set and space television, refrigerator, separate sanitary conveniences with shower cabin and a heated floor. Majority of the rooms are located on the second floor.

The rooms' windows are facing the plantation of coniferous ornamental plants. The Hotel is provided with water, obtained from the well 74 m deep. The Hotel has an individual heating system. The clients are provided with laundry and cooking services. There is a guarded parking place within the territory of the Hotel.

The Hotel offers the following rooms:

  • Double (single beds) – 160-220 UAH.
  • Double (twinbed) – 180-250 UAH.
  • Triple (two-room) – 250-340 UAH
  • Junior Suite Room (two-room) – 250-380 UAH

Payment may be carried in cash or cashless form. Discounts are possible. There is a hotbed and a plantation of coniferous ornamental plants in the territory of the Hotel.

The Sadyba Hotel is ready to satisfy needs both of Ukrainian and foreign tourists. Excursions to the intimate parts of Kamyanets-Podilskyi, riding walks and floating excursions by canoes along the Smotrych River on a client's request.

The Hotel's address: Smotrych Village, Kamyanets-Podilskyi Rayon, 10a Lenin St.
Phone:(03849)3 03 36, 3 03 88.
Web page:

* - contact administration to specify the prices please
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Готель "Садиба"   07.07.2008 [13:45:37]
** Обговорення статті: Готель "Садиба" **

Тут Ви можете залишити свої відгуки про готель. Зробіть для інших гостей міста вибір легшим.

Здесь Вы можете оставить свои отзывы о гостинице. Сделайте выбор проще для других гостей города.
Отель «Садыба» («Усадьба»)   14.08.2008 [11:45:38]
Хотій їм написати, та нажаль на сайті нема емейла. Дивно, сайт є, а електроної пошти - нема

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